Hello Date Guy. I am 20 years old and I have been seeing this 21 year old that im going to school with for about a year. We met at school and he was really nice so we ended up talking to one another. He and I hung out a couple times and he made me wait for 6 months to have sex with him…out of respect. We have been sleeping together for awhile now, after having honest discussion with one another that we would be exclusive and not sleep or see anyone else. He and i have talked about personal things for the entire year now, as well as sharing some intimate thoughts.

The sex is passionate, and it seems as though he cares very much about the act of doing so. He also tells me that he cares about me alot, and seems to be concerned if I’m distant (thinking i might be sleeping with a new guy). We have had discussions also where I have told him that I would like to be more, and he tells me that “he is working on his career (which he wants to open his own business), and that is his first priority and that all distractions need to be second right now. Of course I respect that because I seem to want that space as well right now. He seems to not talk to me for a couple days here and there, and I don’t know if I’m over reacting about that part because I hear that guys just dont value meaningless phone talk as much as females. Please let me know what i should think..thanks

There is a very good chance he doesn’t particularly enjoy talking on the phone with you. If he really is tring to focus on his career and build a business, then he may find that the time he spends talking with you on the phone is time that he could be doing something more productive. Don’t take this personal however, some guys just aren’t good on the phone, period. So don’t take this as an automatic sign that he doesn’t want to date you or is no longer interested in you. Keep the conversation intersting, don’t try to force it, and don’t drag it out.

It’s my guess that he’s probably the one that tries to get off the phone with you first, he’s initiating the end of the conversation. Here’s something you may want to try the next time you talk to him. At the first sign that the conversation is winding down, you (instead of him) immediately end the call on your terms (“there’s a call on the other line” or “you just looked at the clock and realized you are running late and will have to call him back tomorrow”, or whatever excuse you can think of). He’s the one used ending the call, so when you beat him to the punch, you’ll really have him scrating his head because you just took control. This kind of tactic could ultimately get him to spend more time talking to you. See, he’ll probably try to hold the conversation longer because he’ll think that if he lets it slows down that YOU will be the one bored with him. He won’t like that but it will make him want you more.