What makes me so qualified to give girls dating advice?  Simply put, I was the guy you girls are writing in about.

I’ve been the guy who told you what you wanted to hear in order to sleep with you.  I’ve been the guy who hid your framed picture when another girl came to my place.  I’m been the guy that only wanted to see you when it was convenient for me.  I’ve been the guy who pretended to listen to you all the while wishing you’d stop talking.  I’ve been the guy who told you that I care for you very much but I’m just not looking to commit.  I’ve been the guy who could piss you off one day and talk my way into your good graces the following day.  I’ve been the guy that’s been able to string you along, even after “you” dumped me.  Lie, cheat, and manipulate….I was quite successful at all of it.

These days my life is much different, I’ve actually settled down.  I live with my girlfriend who I truly love, care for deeply, and treat with respect (and have been 100% faithful).  Together we have a dog, live in a nice house and both have successful careers.  Life is quite good.

And why did I change?  It was easy, one I matured and two I met the love of my life.  See, most guys in their 20′s are not ready to be in a truly committed relationship.  These are their most active, responsibility-free times of their lives.  However, this changes significantly as they move into their 30′s.  Not only is there and evolutionary reason, but as he gets older more and more of his friends will have settled down.  It’s not nearly as cool to be a swinging single in your 30′s as it is in your 20′s.  As I moved into my 30′s, I also happened to fall very much in love.  The fact that I actually enjoyed spending more time with her than my friends was a clear indicator for me that this was different and that I had changed.  All of my selfish ways of the past were gone completely.  It was no longer all about me, like it had been for all of my 20′s, it was all about us.

And why The Date Guy?

In general, girls are suckers. The old saying, “actions speak louder than words” doesn’t seem to apply when it comes to their romantic lives. This is the number one reason girls get played, hurt, or rejected by a guy. When this happens, girls usually rush to the comfort of their girlfriends seeking advice. The advice they pursue usually goes something like this, “he did this, what does that mean?” Honestly, what make another girl qualified to dispense advice on these matters? If you can’t figure it out, what makes you think your girlfriend can? You tend to try to solve the “what does this mean question” by putting yourself in the guy’s position, trying to think like he thinks. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies, but this will get you no where. You’ll probably decode his actions incorrectly or only tell yourself what you want to hear.Sometimes the truth hurts. But fear not, I am here to tell you the truth because you deserve the truth. There is no reason to put up with shady behavior from a guy and I can help you beat him at his own game and gain back your self respect.I’ve been “that guy” so I know what they are thinking. Ever hear the saying “It takes a theif to think like a theif?” The analogy holds true here. For the past 10 years females have come to me asking for dating advice because they know that I will tell them the truth. I ultimately find satisfaction in helping girls open their eyes to reality. This is the reason for this site.

Bio:  I’m an educated guy with a degree from one of the nation’s top universities.  I’m well traveled and have been to 11 different countries and counting.  I’m in my early 30′s, live in one of the country’s largest cities, and work in the advertising industry.  I believe in taking care of myself and maintain an active lifestyle.

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