I am 21 years old and i have been kind of seeing this guy for about month and a half. When we met we clicked right away and found out that we had a lot in common. Things have been ok so far, he calls when he says that he will, texts me back when i text him, and when i do stay at his house he makes me breakfast in bed. Lately he hasn’t been calling me as much and not really texting me back. i am really starting to like him a lot and i don’t know where me and him stand. Like i think that he likes me, but when i do sleep at his house we are sleeping in the same bed but not close to each other. Like he is on one side of the bed and i am on the other and when i try to hold his hand he isn’t feeling it. I would like to start a relationship with him but i am on the fence about it because i don’t want to waste my time trying to pursue something with someone that isn’t into me. So please let me know what you think.

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Hi EJ,

I’m going to dive right in here with some guy advice. His distance in the sac is the big red flag I’m seeing. This is likely a sign that this guy is feeling guilty for not caring for you as much as you are caring for him. You two are dating and the sex is obviously consensual so he doesn’t have to feel guilty about that aspect of your relationship. However, for a guy “cuddling” (in one form or another) is not a casual activity and can actually be more intimate for him.

Unlike sex, when a guy cuddles with a girl he knows that he is giving her a clear-cut signal that he cares for her a lot. He knows that there is no other way for her to interpret this action. So for him right now he would feel like a fraud for being close to you in bed (ie, holding hands, spooning, etc.) because he knows that you’ll make the assumption that he really likes you.

Unless he changes this behavior (on his own), it’s probably a good idea to move on to someone who wants to hold you throughout the night and is ready for a relationship.


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