Hello Date Guy,
I met this guy online about 9 months ago. As soon as we started to talk (via email and then phone), we clicked right away. Several months later and after countless days of conversation, we finally met each other. Although the meeting was brief, we enjoyed our time together and agreed to see each other again. About a month later, we met and spent the weekend together. I had a wonderful time getting to know him more (and I thought that he did too). After we went our separate ways that weekend, the phone calls went from every day to like once or twice a week. He claims that he was working, but he was making time to talk to me before while working. Christmas and New Years have gone by and we have had some conversations, even trying to make plans to see each other again.
Last week, I tried calling him several times and kept getting what I felt was the brush off. I got a text from him saying that he was busy, but still missing me. I waited a few days after that and called him. Got his voicemail and left him a message just saying that I really missed talking to him and that I wouldn’t continue to call because he hadn’t responded to me and I didnt want to feel like I was bothering him. I told him that if he wanted to talk, he could call me. I was really nice about it, but I haven’t heard anything from him. It’s been 3 days and nothing. No calls or texts from him. Am I over reacting? Do you think he’ll call or have I just gotten the brush off? I guess I really wouldn’t care, but I am really into him…


Dear K.C.,
Even though I never really had any trouble finding girls to date, I did dabble into the world of online dating for a bit. One major thing I learned during my online dating stint is that online attraction and offline attraction are two different beasts. For a guy, good conversation is important and it’s easy to do in the age of online. However, once that relationship is forced to live in the offline/real world things can change quickly.

So what happened here? My instincts and personal experience lead me to believe that once this guy met you he simply didn’t dig you. Your online presentation didn’t met your offline expectations. This could have been a couple of things, separately or together. One, he probably didn’t think you were as cute in person as you are in your photo. Most guys just can’t get past that. Or maybe your sense of humor wasn’t the same. It’s very easy to be witty over email because you have time to craft your responses, but real time is a different story.

Regardless of they “why”, the reality is that this guy isn’t into you like you are into him. I’d advise that you don’t abandon the online dating world, but try to met the guy in person as quickly as possible. I know too many people who waste a lot of time getting to know someone online all to be disappointed once the finally go out on a date. Email a couple of times, have a phone conversation, then just met up!


Date Guy

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