Quite often a guy shows obvious signs of shady behavior, yet it goes unnoticed by the girl.  If not unnoticed, ignored and both are only going to bring you head and heart ache in the long run.  So here’s some quick and easy dating advice.  Read the list below and familiarize yourself with some of the tell-tale signs that a guy might be cheating. 

  1. Acting distant.  If he’s calling less frequently or has cancelled on plans repeatedly, he may be trying to pull away from you and getting close to someone else.
  2. Unavailability.  If you try to call your guy and no one–not even his family or best friends–can get a hold of him, you’ve got to ask yourself where’s he hiding out and why?  This may not be a red flag when you first start dating, but if this happens later in the relationship it’s likely a sign, a bad sign.
  3. Suddenly insensitivity.   He he totally forgets plans and then shrugs it off.  He says something rude and doesn’t apologize.  He may not be considering your feelings because he’s thinking about another girl or is even hoping you get mad enough to want to leave him (relieving him of any guilt or difficulty he may have by dumping you).
  4. Change in interests and/or looks.  If he’s developed a new taste in music, clothes, or activities it may be to impress or bond with another girl.  This is always a great excuse when it comes break-up time as he’ll tell you, “we just don’t have that much in common anymore.”
  5. Less time with you.  This sounds pretty obviously but too often gets overlooked, especially after dating for a while.  Has he stopped inviting you to join him in his favorite activities or at his usual hangouts?  If you’re not going with him, who is?

This is some simple dating advice you ladies need to take to heart.  Til next time…

-The Date Guy

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