This stuff I’m about to give you girls is golden.  There are plenty of books and emails floating out there by self-proclaimed “players” and “pick-up artist” who are giving advice to guys on how to pick you girls up.  Most of these writers are trying to help guys become cocky and confident in order to increase their chances of getting you into bed.  They aren’t giving dating advice or advice on long-term relationships, they are to-the-point with their objective, closing the deal.  So here is some of the advice guys are receiving these days and actions you may recognize with some of the players you’re meeting at the bars or at school.  Here is some advice guys have been given regarding Buying Things for Women (AKA getting laid without spending any money):

I can remember when I used to think that I needed to always take women out, buy them dinner, and pay for whatever I could think of to get women’s attention. It was really a horrible feeling. The worst part was that the more nice things I did for women when I first met them, the more apprehensive and “standoffish” they seemed to act. It was almost as if they interpreted my actions as ME TRYING TOO HARD, and they instinctively played “hard to get” in response.

The question of “Should I pay for dinner?” is as old as dirt. So let me answer it with one of my typical multi-part answers. And the first part of my answer is going to be
another question to YOU…

WHY WOULD YOU PAY FOR A WOMAN’S DINNER? And for that matter, why would you buy gifts and do favors for a woman that you just met and don’t know?

IT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU WANT SOMETHING. And guess what? Attractive women are VERY perceptive. They can usually size a guy up in a matter of SECONDS.

She KNOWS what’s on your mind. And she’s going to take all the clues you give her to decide how much you like her… and how much of a WUSS you are as well.

Now I’m going to throw you a real curve ball…I have friends who are very good with women that take women to NICE dinners all the time. I’m talking two hundred PLUS dollars for dinner and drinks ALONE. I also have friends who almost NEVER take women out for so much as a cup of coffee… yet they have more women than they can handle.

Is this possible? Are the guys who are buying dinner actually SUCCESSFUL at bribing women with food?

Or do both techniques work?

Well, the interesting thing I’ve found – after studying this topic for YEARS – is that most guys who are REALLY GOOD with women have something in common
in this area. While some may buy expensive dinners for women, and some may buy nothing; NONE of them use the idea of paying for things as “bait” or “bribes” or “obligation”…

In other words, it’s the INTENTION behind the actions that comes through loud and clear. My friends that take women on dates to beautiful restaurants would be GOING THERE ANYWAY, and they just happen to be taking the woman along with them. Or if they open a bottle of expensive wine, THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN DRINKING IT THEMSELVES.

I also have to mention here that all of the guys I know in BOTH camps know how ATTRACTION works, and how to make women feel attracted to them REGARDLESS of whether or not they pay for things.

To explain this differently, women INSTANTLY RECOGNIZE it when they’re dealing with a man who feels the need to “buy her attention”, and they usually either play hard to get, or they just leave. You can do anything and have it mean anything. There’s a way to say “You’re beautiful” and have it mean “You’re not at all attractive”, and there’s a way to pay for things and NOT have it say “I’m a needy Wussy who feels the need to buy you things so you’ll like me”.

One of the problems that a lot of guys have is the real-world issue of money. It’s expensive to take women out all the time. It’s expensive to buy flowers and drinks and gifts. And if you’re single and dating a lot of women, it can be out of the question to always be paying for things.

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to pay for ANYTHING to be successful with women. And the other good news is that if you LIKE to do nice things and go to nice dinners, THERE IS A WAY to do these things with women and not give off the “I don’t deserve you, so I’ll pay you for your attention” vibes.

Think about the following two ways to invite a woman
out to dinner with you:

1. “Can I take you out to dinner on Friday night?”

2. “I’m thinking of going to dinner on Friday at one
of my favorite restaurants, and you should join me.”

What’s the difference?

The difference is that the first way IMPLIES that you are TAKING her to dinner. The second IMPLIES that you’re living your life, doing your own thing, and being your own person…and that if she’d like to come along, she’s welcome.

The second also doesn’t make you sound like a WUSSY. So what’s my personal opinion of this whole topic? Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea to start off with a woman by PAYING for things. It’s much better to allow her to like you and feel ATTRACTION for you without the distraction and expense.

If you understand how ATTRACTION works, you can trigger it using your body language and communication. No money required.

Keep in mind that this isn’t advice that I’m giving out to guys, but this is behavior I used to believe in when I was dating. I would spend as little as possible on a girl and guess what? It worked!

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