Most of you girls have guy troubles because you meet them at clubs, bars, and other places where you really can’t get to know them first.  These are stomping grounds for players and those not interested in long term relationships.  If you want that type of guy, you should probably stick to that scene.  If you want a relationship that might turn out to be a bit more stable, online dating might be a good option.  There are plenty of options out there depending on what kind of dating you want to do and what kind of guys you’re looking for.  Looking for a quick hook up?  There are sites for that.  Looking to meet someone you can bring home to your parents?  You’re in luck there too. I’ve talked with a lot of girls who continued to get played, guy after guy. Eventually they got tired of the games and tried online dating.  Next thing I know, they are telling me how happy they are and even a few have gotten married!  Lot’s of these site have free sign-ups.  Post a nice photo of yourself and just sit back and see who writes you.  There really isn’t much effort on your part. I’ve highlighted a few of the more reputable sites out there. is one of the biggest dating sites out there. You’ll likely have plenty of guys to choose from. Most people on the site are looking to date, but there are some just looking for friends. They also have a pretty good set of tools you can use to really narrow down your ideal guy (height, age, body type, ethnicity, hair and eye color, etc).


Lava Life is similar to but doesn’t have as many subscribers.  However, they do allow people to post videos, send instant messages, send and receive “smiles” (just a simple way of showing someone you are interested).  If you are interested, they also have a racier side with the option to search for people looking for “an intimate encounter.” Also, they offer a free short-term account.


Tired of only getting free drinks at the clubs from guys looking to get laid that night? On the Wealthy Men website you’ll find guys who will actually take you out on a real date and probably take you to a really nice restaurant. All of the guys on their dating site are verified to make over $100K a year. Are you successful a woman making good money who wants to meet someone in the same income bracket? Or, are you a good looking girl who needs a sugar daddy? This might be your meal ticket.

More women join than any other site is geared towards those who are seeking meaningful, long-term relationships.  Probably not a lot of “bad boys” using this site.  The way it works is that you create a profile and they’ll send you the profile of 5 guys they think would be a good match for you. .  If you like any of them, you can start an email conversation.  What is unique here is that after you go on the date, you have to opportunity to report back to to let them know what went right or wrong which they use for future matchmaking purposes.


Single Parent Love Life caters to, you guessed it, single parents.  Sorry to break the news to you single moms, but most guys you meet on the street are not looking to get into a relationship with someone who has a kid.  What is good about this dating site is that they will hook you up with other single parents or with guys who like or don’t mind dating single moms.  If you are a single parent, this one might be a good nitche for you.

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Sugar Daddy Dating, the name pretty much says it all. Here is what they have to say on their website, “Ladies, Are you an attractive, young woman? Struggling in the early part of your career? An aspiring model, actress or businesswoman? Would you like to have a man be a provider for you? Do you just love to be taken care of and treated like a princess? You will make the perfect Sugar Babe! Are you tired of dating single men who don’t treat you right? Looking for an ExtraMarital affair?” has over 2 million active members and been in the biz for 10 years now which has helped them to really refine their product. They offer a toolbar that you can install. The toolbar allows you to get instant alerts that let you know the moment you receive interest, emails, or instant messages. Also by installing, you will always appear on the top of the “Who’s Online Search” which will really help you get some visability within the dating community. This is not just a US dating service, they provide international matchmaking options too. They are running a 7 day free trial. Maybe you can met the man of your dreams within 7 days free and then quit ;)

Meet Singles Near You - Join Free Now! is dedicated to helping Christians meet people who share the same spiritual beliefs. Their network is half a million Christians strong, bringing people together in love and faith. Not only is the website a great matchmaker, it is also a great information and community resource for Christians. They offer an online magazine, as well as the ability to create a blog or just read one of the 10,000 blogs already created by their members. Now you don’t have to wait until Sunday to meet the right guy, is open for love everyday of the week. The only “players” on this site are players for the lord. Their free sign-up gives you plenty of options to find a good guy, amen.

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